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Change nested accordion title background color

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Hi Ellen, 


I'm sure this is such a basic question but I can't seem to solve this issue myself so I'm hoping you might help me with it. 

I have a nested accordion on this page: www.noelgroup.ie/home/ 

You need to click the button (Not the image) on 'how we work at the Noel Group' to activate it. 

I simply want to change the title background colour. In firebug I can see the RGB and make the change there, (I want to change it to #ffffff ) but my efforts to target it with custom css have been a bit of a flop. 


If you could point me in the right direction I would be really grateful. 


Thanks a million, 


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HI gavred

Please, you can try with


.section-accordions .accordion-heading { 
background: red !important;}
You can change red for your color.

Life is too short to remove USB safely ...

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Hiya Batman, 


Thanks a million for the message. Unfortunately, that one doesn't seem to have done it either. I can't understand why to be honest. I've left it in the custom css regardless but i can't seem to make any change regarding the css for the nested accordion. Its strange one. 


Thanks for trying to help. I really appreciate it. 

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gavred You can control the title background color by adding accordion_background="#ffffff" to the accordions shortcode that you created. Now, the hover will still show up, it will be a light gray. If you don't want that you will need to add an accordions_id to the shortcode to target the css. So your shortcode would look something like

[accordions accordion_set="group-companies" accordions_id="work" accordion_background="#ffffff"]

Then if you want to get rid of the hover put this CSS is the Custom --> Custom LESS/CSS box.

.accordions-work .accordion-heading:hover {
  background: #ffffff !important;

That should work, if not I'm just not targeting the right class. Let me know how it works out.





Ellen Moore

Pagelines Developer

www.elsue.com www.betterdms.com

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@ellenmva you rock! Thank you so much. :P That was perfect. 

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