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Creating a page template without cloning the whole page

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Hey Guys,


I'm working on http://www.asanalibraryonline.com/seated-poses/dandasana/ right now. There will be 100 different pages for 100 different yoga poses. Each page will have the exact same design, but different pictures and text. Is there a way to create a page template that I can re use for each individual pose?


I tried to save the page template and then activate it on the 2nd page/pose I was working on, but all it did was clone the page. The moment I edited the second page/pose, the changes reflected on the first page too. 


So my question is, How do I save all the sections and formatting as a template and still be able to edit it individually?

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Yeah what you need to do is go to your page and load the template up, then unlink it using the unlock template button. Once that is done, edit away and it will not effect the previous template, rinse, repeat for each page. Remember to unlink the template otherwise your edits will effect that template and all pages using that template.

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    • micstepl
      By micstepl+
      cloning is still not working in following context
      from "sections" created within the "PL-page editor" to be cloned to ... sections "within the content" of a post/page  
      Suggested solution
      see attached images have in PL-page editor an additional field  to enter the ID .... of the already existent section" (to be cloned) this will have the same function as in "Shorrtcodes of "content of page/post" (UNIQUE ID) and overrreide all other fields of the "actual section" make the cloning available across "PL-page editor   AND  "sections in content" within a "page/post"  
      Solving this issue has the positive impact to today lacking functions, or current issues:
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      Hi, the Modal Popup is working fine. But whenever I look on the DMS Editor, that section is gone. It was placed at the bottom of the Footer. The first time it happened, I thought maybe I had inadvertently deleted it, or not saved properly. So I re-created another one. And so on. Then I finally realized it was working after all. But now I'm wondering if there are several of my popups in place, all of them the same, yet none of them visible, but yet all of them working. I've tried adjusting/saving into a new page template. I've tried turning on/off the DMS Editor. Still can't find a trace of the Modal Popup section, yet I know it works because I used Safari and Firefox to confirm, even on a different computer. Thanks for any help/insight you might provide.
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      Hi there,
      I'm working with a developer on an integration between my DMS2-based site and a 3rd party service that needs to use an older version of jQuery for some important transactional elements.  
      We initially tried to create a custom page template in our child theme (as per http://forum.pagelines.com/topic/27391-custom-page-templates/), with the thought that we could un-enqueue jQuery (and other things that don't work) in our new template.
      However, the page template is not selectable in the DMS Page Setup box.  We are using the skeleton-basic child theme.
      This particular page doesn't need to do any drag and drop editing - but we do want the header, menu, and other elements on our site.  The transactional element is inserted in the page using a shortcode, after the page content.
      I want to be able to create several instances of this page, which is why we thought a page template would be the easiest way to accomplish this.  An alternative would be to unhook the jquery  in functions.php using a custom field, but this would be a lot more work than just a page template.
      Do you have some other suggestions?
      Summary of our setup:
      Theme:  Skeleton-basic child theme and DMS2
      Hosting: LAMP stack at LiquidWeb
      Website: eml.techliminal.com
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      Hi guys
      Perhaps I am being silly, or simply doing it wrong.
      I create the page I am happy with and assign it to the template 'page1' for example.
      I now want another page with the same template, so I load 'page1'.  This page has different colours, content, and imagery etc, but all of the loaded dms elements share the same IDs as the previous page, which they would if they are the same template.  So I rename this template 'page2', and it still keeps the same ID... ? I tried to unlink the page 2, before recreating the new template file, but it seemed to still keep the same IDs - so is this the best way to do this or am I missing something?
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      In DMS 2, I made a page template a default..
      Is it possible to apply this template to every pages ???
      It would be so nice to do that..