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QuickSlider stopped working after image change

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Page lines for Wordpress - QuickSlider on the home was working until I just changed the images used - I have now deleted slider images and uploaded them again 3 times still no luck - reset the slider settings to default - added them again and set number of images to show as 3 and to animate. Still not working.


prior to this I updated 4 plugins - I have tried turning of all of them and that's not worked.


Also updated Wordpress itself and Pagleines theme to latest version.


However once the updates where done the slider was still working - it was only after trying to change the images for new ones it broke


I have also tried changing the image size and the image format png to jpg


Still no luck any help to get them back working would be useful as this site warrants 5 mins of my attention per year and its taking up a day so far - so any help would be good.



see on http://harrogate-launderette.co.uk/

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You're using an old version of PageLines Framework, the latest stable version can be found here - https://github.com/pagelines/PageLines-Framework


Please be aware that PageLines Framework has been considered a legacy theme for over a year since we launched PageLines DMS. Therefore, I would highly recommend upgrading to DMS, you can download the free version from WordPress.org and try it.


If you prefer to use PageLines Framework, then you're going to need to update to the latest version which I linked above. To do so, please follow the instructions above.


1. Download PageLines Framework 2.4.5 using the link above.

2. Extract the zip and rename the directory created to pagelines

3. Now connect to your website via an FTP client and navigate to the following directory /wp-content/themes/

4. Here you will find a folder called pagelines rename it to something like old_pagelines

5. Once it has been renamed, upload the pagelines folder you extracted in #2 to wp-content/themes/

6. Once it has been uploaded, you should have the following folders one called old_pagelines and the other pagelines

7. Now login to your WordPress Admin Dashboard > Appearance > Themes and activate the new PageLines Framework, you can find out which is which, by clicking theme details and viewing their theme version. The version you want to use is 2.4.5


By updating to this version, it should resolve your issue. However, please be aware that due to PageLines Framework being a legacy theme, it will no longer receive updates unless it is something important. That is why I recommend upgrading to DMS.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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