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Keep it simple.

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First of all, I'd again like to thank you guys for the best damn WP-theme on the planet. 


I'm a designer/developer and I develop sites for my clients, so my views might be limited to designers like me and perhaps you know your audience better. 


But yeah, my request for the future of DMS is to keep it simple, hackable, developer-friendly, fast and bloat-free. 
The awesomeness of DMS is the beatufiul drag-and dropping, responsive bootstrap grid and easy customization of pretty much everything. Being able to have anything anywhere without restrictions of a WP-theme is priceless.

So I feel like all the "fancy stuff" like parallax effects, fade-outs, effects for boxes when they appear etc. should be optional, and never active by default. I personally wouldn't need them at all since I feel like good design with quality content and nice typography is more than enough, and lots of effects can even feel cheap and distract visitors from the actual content. Are they reading the content or saying "wow how cool effect that is".
But at  least I'd really hope that there'd always be an option to turn them off for every section/effect.

Things like parallax-scrolling don't really work on mobile, and actually they do weird laggy things that make it seem like the sites somehow broken on mobile users. Boxes that have bouncing effect when they appear often times don't load the first time and can be missed by the visitor if they're scrolling fast. As a developer I'd also really hope that all non-essential javascript could be removed, especially if it's for non-vital visual effects only. 

So stuff like the NextBox is so awesome its almost perfect and I'd like to see more things like that. But adding more javascript-based visual effects make the site more heavy and in my opinion as a designer they distract and take the visitors attention away from the actual content. 

Also on the topic I feel like the new mobile navigation is not as good as the previous. Again, people can use CSS to make the mobile navigation bar transparent but in almost all of my designs it doesn't look good. Personally I'd really like if the mobile navigation bar would not overlap with the page, but would be simple like http://foundation.zurb.com/docs/components/offcanvas.html

Yet again, big thanks and respect!

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