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Background Color after Page End

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Hopefully this is an easy enough problem to solve. 


I'm working on a website on DMS right now (see it here: http://showpiecemarketing.com/home-2/). The background of the page is black in the Global Options. However, when the content ends on the page when it is showing in a web browser (I have checked it in safari, firefox and chrome), the end of the page shows as white. 


How can I make the remainder of the page post-content have the same background color (#000000) as the rest of the page?


Thanks for your help in educating the inexperienced coders like me. :) 


Best, Liz

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Hi Liz,


I am not seeing any white background area on your site ?


However, if you're seeing white, then add the following and see if this resolves your issue;


body {
background: #000;

Please search our forums, before posting!

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