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Lost content, reverting templates, blank footers, multiple admins, bugs

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I have been using DMS 2 for a while now and have about ten sites running the framework.


I think we can all say that is an excellent framework - incredibly easy to customise, and with the new features like lockable templates, the ability to save custom sections, and the speed imporvements over DMS 1 it is a winning way forward for wordpress developers to create wow factor sites from scratch in about a day or so, sometimes quicker if you have enough of the content pre prepared. And now with all the templates being released for the club members it can be done even quicker!


I have come across a couple of bugs and have not seen solutions for them - in fact it seems to be hard to replicate certain issues that people have been running into with the above - lost content, reverting templates, blank footers and so on.


I have found that these issues come about mainly when more than one admin is logged in to the system and access the front end. They don't need to change anything on global parts of the site they just need to be both logged in (either on the same login or a different one) and working on the site is some fashion and eventually something will go wrong with the site - content gets lost, a template reverts back to something tat was there a month ago, the footer is lost (this one is really irritating - fortunately I just save the footer as a custom section now so I can replace it quickly if it happens).


It does not always happen and I would go as far to say that it happens a lot less than it doesn't happen - but leave it for long enough without monitoring, and ensuring multiple admins are not logged in and working on the site and something like the above turns up.


I have been using Pagelines since Platform Pro, went with DMS 1 a few months after its release and moved to DMS 2 pretty much immediately so I have been using the products for years and have tens of sites running on various iterations of the platform. Once they are pretty much developed and all we are doing is adding posts, pages, and custom post types the sites are very stable and don't mess up - it is only when we do development type work that these issues occur.


I hope this helps get this aspect of the framework resolved. I use it on live sites and it is quite scary to hope that multiple admins do not log in at once (more than one of our team may need to go into a site to add a page or make an edit or something) - more than once now I have had to go to Defcon 3 to get a site either rebuilt from a day old backup or just get in with the drag and drop and get it back to the way it should be.


Are these issues known about any further than in the forums - any ideas as to why it occurs? And any plans to fix it in the next iteration of the product?





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Hi Graham, agree entirely with your thoughts about DMS. It is an excellent system, which is why it's so painful when I keep hitting this weird bug that wipes my templates. I am the only admin logging in––unless we count Danny from Pagelines who logged in to check out what was going on, and created a page––and I am doing it from the same computer. I am going to persist one more time (and probably more times after that) with rebuilding the site from scratch. 


But I really want to second your call here for some kind of resolution to this bug. Several times moderators here have offered to have a developer log in and look around, but this has not happened. As the last build seemed to hold, I marked my topic on this SOLVED. Logged in today to finalise the site and publish, only to find it's been wiped again. Gutted. Do pls let us know if you hear anything!





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None of our staff are able to recreate this bug, I have literally over 40 local sites all with different layouts, sections, LESS CSS and so forth. Some of these sites are over a year old and not one of them has encountered layouts, sections or even templates being deleted or removed.

The likely cause of something like this is either a plugin(s) or your hosting environment. This isn't us passing the book, if this was indeed a bug, then our developers would fix the issue immediately. However, whenever a user reports this kind of issue, they say they added content or changes some kind of setting and then boom, everything has been removed or deleted, or they say that they logout and login in a few days later and everything has been deleted. They do hardly provide exact steps on how the issue was created or when they do provide steps to recreate the bug, our staff on their installations can not do so. If our developers can not recreate the issue, they cannot fix it, as there is nothing to fix.


The likely hood of this been a bug in DMS in my honest opinion is zero, as our staff and developers would have noticed it already as we use DMS to power PageLines.com. Therefore, the likelihood is that this issue is caused by your server and/or plugins.

Therefore, we are going to need for you to disable all active plugins and work like that for a period of time and see if the issue persists. If it doesn't then you know it is related to a plugin. If the issue does persist then the issue is likely your server and it's configuration.

If the issue does indeed persists after disabling your plugins, then we are going to need you to provide your servers configuration you can ask your host for this, also enable DMS debug mode via WordPress Admin Dashboard > PageLines, scroll to the bottom and check the debug checkbox and provide your PHP info, see here on how to do it - http://codex.wordpress.org/Finding_Server_Info

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Thanks Danny,


It must be really frustrating for you to get these difficult to replicate bugs in the support forum.


I personally work around these issues for now - and do not have the time to work on a long debug job of replicating the issue. I am getting by using DMS 2 for me and my clients but it can be difficult when things go wrong.


I do not use any weird plugins - yes my sites have plugins but they are all popular and common plugins. And my hosting is one of the most popular ones.


Even if a plugin/hosting is the make or break on this issue I think it has to come under the purview of the developer team to ensure that the system does work with the most common plugins or hosting that we all use.


The bug must be a major one - it must be somehow in the way the database handles the information on sections - I know this because I have fixed it by replacing a single table from a good backup from 24 hours prior to the issue.


I am not trying to make waves or knock the product or the support staff. I rely on DMS 2 and will continue to use it as it gives flexibility that saves more time than I lose when things do go wrong.


I am just saying it is an issue and a major one. I think it should be labelled as such and if you can find someone who has had the problem and has the time to help figure out where the issues lie then great - we all need it for the long run!


At this moment in time I cannot offer my clients admin access to be able to edit their site with front end DMS just in case we lose something and I haven't taken a DB backup first and had my team make coding notes of major changes. This is fine for me for now but it would be great to get it resolved!





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Graham, we are not asking you to go through a long long debug job, if you provide the following information, we will go through it all and see if we can recreate the issue.


Provide a link to the site in question

Enable DMS debug mode so we can view your debug info

A list of all the plugins you're using

Who is your host, as just because they're popular, doesn't mean they're any good. For example 1and1 are popular and are one of the worst hosts you can use.

Your PHP info


Once we have this information, we can attempt to recreate the issue. As, this is as far as I or Simon is concerned isn't a DMS bug, since we're unable to recreate it. If this was a bug, then I can guarantee, that our forums would be flooded with similar topics concerning this issue. That is why, I am pointing the finger at either the plugins you're using or your hosting environment.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Danny mate, I'm using Flywheel, which you recommended, fresh install WP, fresh DMS, Pagelines Upater, DMS ProTools and WooCommerce. AS discussed on the other thread, the site was built, looked like it was working. I left it alone for two weeks. I log in, having done NOTHING to the site since its working state, and boom it's all gone again! When this happens to you five times it's pretty hard to take. That's four rebuilds in DMS if you have any doubts about my commitment to the product. Others would call it crazy.


If it helps anyone, here's the WooCommerce Status report from the site: 


### Environment ###
Home URL:                http://jackielewis.co.uk
Site URL:                http://jackielewis.co.uk
WC Version:              2.1.12
WC Database Version:     2.1.12
WP Version:              4.0
WP Multisite Enabled:    No
Web Server Info:         Apache
PHP Version:             5.3.24
MySQL Version:           5.5.37
WP Memory Limit:         40 MB - We recommend setting memory to at least 64MB. See: Increasing memory allocated to PHP
WP Debug Mode:           No
WP Language:             Default
WP Max Upload Size:      32 MB
PHP Post Max Size:       33 MB
PHP Time Limit:          30
PHP Max Input Vars:      1000
SUHOSIN Installed:       No
WC Logging:              Log directory is writable.
Default Timezone:        Default timezone is UTC
fsockopen/cURL:          Your server has fsockopen and cURL enabled.
SOAP Client:             Your server has the SOAP Client class enabled.
WP Remote Post:          wp_remote_post() was successful - PayPal IPN is working.
### Locale ###
decimal_point:           .
### Plugins ###
Installed Plugins:       Akismet by Automattic version 3.0.2
                         DMS Professional Tools by PageLines version 1.7.1
                         PageLines Updater by PageLines version 1.2.1
                         WooCommerce by WooThemes version 2.1.12
### Settings ###
Force SSL:               No
### WC Pages ###
Shop Base:               #42 - /gallery/
Cart:                    #43 - /basket/
Checkout:                #44 - /checkout/
My Account:              #45 - /my-account/
### WC Taxonomies ###
Order Statuses:          cancelled (cancelled)
                         completed (completed)
                         failed (failed)
                         on-hold (on-hold)
                         pending (pending)
                         processing (processing)
                         refunded (refunded)
Product Types:           external (external)
                         grouped (grouped)
                         simple (simple)
                         variable (variable)
### Theme ###
Theme Name:              DMS
Theme Version:           2.1.5
Author URL:              http://www.pagelines.com/
### Templates ###
Template Overrides:      No overrides present in theme.

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pagelines.com is on flywheel, with woocommerce, with 150k users and 60k orders, and we have never had a 'wipe out', but if we did, flywheel have very regular backups that are 1 click away and timestamped, so there is never a need to rebuild your site.


When you say boom its all gone, what has gone? site? posts? customers? products? 

If you want us to look into your issue please open a new topic.


(Apologies to @grahamd79)

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