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Spam Links in Blog Posts by Author User

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I set up a new user as an Author for my blog www.stilleasierthanchemo.com and recently spam links have started popping up in her blog posts. Example: http://www.stilleasierthanchemo.com/2014-hyannis-half-marathon-for-lucas/


Spam links only show in she posts not any I as Admin post.


How do I permanently delete the spam from her posts and prevent this from happening in the future?

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This is rather odd, especially as you say this only occurs when the author user posts. In my opinion, it is likely you have been hacked unless the user herself is adding them. I would recommend you contact your host and inform them of your issue and also, check all your plugins and make sure that they're up to date and have are still maintained by the author i.e. have been updated in the last year. If you have a plugin that has not been updated in over a year, then I would recommend disabling it and finding an alternative.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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