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Edited/customized Docker no longer sticking to top of browser

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I am experiencing problems with the docker.

So I've created a child theme and duplicated the docker section so I could customize the links used in the docker.

In order to have the docker show up in the add section part of the dms2 front-end I changed the name and class.


I changed the class PLdocker to PLdocker2. This allowed it to show up in the add section menu without overriding the old Docker which I also need.


However since I changed the class, the script which makes the docker stick to the top of the browser doesn't seem to be functional.

I assume when I changed the class name it threw something out of whack but I am unable to locate where I would change to code in order to accommodate the new class name.


I know you guys can't really offer proper support for customization but if someone could point me in the right direction that would be great.

Hopefully it's clear what the problem is, I'm not too hot on the php/scripting side of things.


Thanking you,



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What do you mean you customized the links in Docker ? What is the actual purpose of customizing or making a child section ?


Also, can you copy and past the information you have edited in the sections.php file please, we only need lines 1-11

Please search our forums, before posting!

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 I customized the links in Docker because I want to be able to populate the docker with specific links that are not from a custom post type.

What I mean by "customized the links in Docker" is that I removed the code which generated the links  and replaced it with my specific links.

Here's the link to the site so you might get a better understanding of what i'm trying to achieve.



Here's the code: 



	Section: Docker Capabilities
	Author: PageLines
	Author URI: http://www.pagelines.com
	Description: The easiest way to add docs to WordPress. Docker has a sticky sidebar and can use any registered post type.
	Class Name: PLDocker7
	Filter: format, dual-width

class PLDocker7 extends PageLinesSection {


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OK, the issue you have is that all the scripts required for Docker to have the sticky functionality, are all giving off a 404. The scripts are trying to load from the following location:





This means the folder is not there or you're using a different directory name, this needs to be addressed and once it has, your issue will be resolved.


Please be aware that due to your creating a child of a section and editing it the way you have, our staff are unable to provide any further assistance. As this is considered user created code.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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No problem.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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