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RevSlider, Menu settings, desperate for help

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I worked non-stop all weekend to launch this site for a client and then we discovered a problem when it went live. Initially I thought it must have to do with the DMS cache as I enabled it at launch. Of course it's currently disabled. I posted for help here forum.pagelines.com/topic/36518-dms-caching-issues/ and Danny has been trying to help me there.


Since it's already live and it's the homepage that is messed up the client if desperate for me to fix this. I've been trying all kinds of things and have settled on needing help with one (or both) of two things. Either I need to remove all my media queries in which case I need to figure out how to make the menu items space out nicely on wide screens and not wrap on narrow ones OR leave those media queries in and then we have a problem that the homepage image of the client is not resizing properly.


Here's more details...

When the site went live what we noticed was a very inconsistent but UGLY thing only on the homepage, where the 3 iBoxes would overlap the blue image of Stacey. Often with excessive white space at the top which was pushing things down. Or the photo of her wouldn’t resize or would only show part of her on phones, etc. I have screen captures of all the issues. There were many.


So then I started troubleshooting and trying to place the homepage image of Stacey differently. Instead of using a Media Box I tried Danny’s FullMedia but that doesn’t appear to resize at all. Then I have a RevSlider on my most recent efforts. Now I’m thinking the issue may be the size of the image I’m using of Stacey so I’m working on that possibility. I need guidance. Shouldn't RevSlider be resizing? Why isn't it? What are the optimal image sizes? I've tried changing it to the 2000x800.


In the meantime on the live site I’ve removed ALL the media queries and disabled the mobile menu plug-in. The site then SEEMS at this moment to work properly but then I’m back to menu issues. The menu need to look nicely spread out on a wide screen. But w/o the media queries it doesn’t. And if I put any margin or padding in, then it will wrap on the narrower screens which was part of why we ended up with so many media queries to start with.


SO….IF you have any insights on how to make the single image of client work properly AND have the navigation also work properly I’m all ears. I’d be happy to pay for some help if it’s timely. She pushed this out the door because she has a big event she wants to promote that’s on the 18th of the month. But she can’t send anyone to this site until we get it right!!!!


I'm completely fried and desperate for help. I have many iterations with different things going on....


Live site is at www.myideallife.com (media box)

Clone: http://myideallife.wpstagecoach.com (rev slider)

Clone: http://stacey.hoffmangraphics.com (media box)

Clone: http://stacey.wpstagecoach.com (click past blue font banner)


The live site is using the newest version of DMS as are most if not all the rest. The live site is on my server and the others are located elsewhere.


I hope that's enough for someone to offer suggestions.



Sheila Hoffman | Hoffman Graphics | Seattle

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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