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How can I access admin pages and options for DMS/PageLines ?

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Hi all
Situation : I have to work with a website (3 in fact, on WordPress Multisites) not launched yet, since a customer got dropped by his previous agency. One of the sites used DMS/PageLines, and I'm having trouble customizing it.
It seems I can't access the admin pages and modify the DMS options (display social links or not, change the quickslider images, etc.)
(Neither can I do any editing on the front end)
Can anyone confirm this ? I have uploaded a screenshot on imgur.
How can I reactivate the admin pages and modify options ? 
Thanks in advance
Website URL: not in production
Framework Version: 2.1.1
WordPress Version: 3.9.2
Plugins in Use: woocommerce, ACF, mailchimp, cloudflare are the main ones
+ PageLines customize, Pageslines updated, DMS Developer Tools, DMS professional tools, Salebar
no cache plugin active
Screenshots:  http://imgur.com/TmewOUI

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If you're unable to access to the PageLines Framework options via the WordPress back end, then the likely cause is a plugin you're using. As you should only have to click on PageLines in the backend for the options panel to show.


Also, you're using an old version of PageLines Framework, please update to the latest version, you can download the latest version here - https://github.com/pagelines/PageLines-Framework


Once downloaded, you're going to need to perform a backup as a precaution and then extract the zip. Once extracted, rename the folder created by the zip to




Then, connect to your website via FTP/SFTP client and navigate to the following directory /wp-content/themes/


In here you should see a folder called pagelines, rename it to something like old_pagelines. Once renamed, upload the pagelines folder you just extracted from the zip. After, the upload has completed, go to your WordPress Admin Dashboard > Appearance > Themes and enable the latest version of PageLines Framework, you can tell which is the correct version by clicking on Theme Details and viewing the version number which should be 2.4.5.

If updating to the latest version doesn't resolve your issue, please disable all active plugins and see if this helps.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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