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I have a problem with the loading of the content in my DMS website.

Each time when you go to a different tab (for example from Home to Verwijzers), the site has difficulty to load the slider. And the background blinks.

See: http://mediationinstrafzaken.nl/


Please some help here

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You're using an out of date version of DMS, we can not provide support to users running old versions. Please perform a backup and then update to the latest version. Once you have the latest version we will be able to assist you further.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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I have ran some tests on your domain and found that you appear to be using shared hosting. Shared hosting is a hosting environment where your web host provider, populate one server with hundreds, sometimes thousands of websites. As you can imagine, by doing this the domains on that very server have performance issues.

This isn't really something we can assist with unfortunately, as the hosting environment is to blame. You currently have 250 other websites running on the same server as yourself, these other sites are all sharing the same server resources, which is likely the cause of your poor performance.




There are a number of things you can do to improve your sites performance, but due to you using shared hosting, this is only masking the problem and the impact may not be that great. The things you can do are optimize your images by reducing their file size, using services such Kraken.io or an app like JpegMini. You can also use a lazy load plugin, as well as using a cache plugin.

You are going to need to contact your web host provider, inform them that you're having performance issues (none of which is DMS related) and suggest you either be moved to a less populated server (may not actually help though) and/or switch your hosting package.


In web hosting you most certainly get what you pay for and I would assume that your monthly or yearly fee isn't that high due to your hosting environment. Therefore, I would recommend you switch to either a VPS from Digital Ocean/Linode or speak to the guys over at FlyWheel. FlyWheel specialize in WordPress hosting and actually host the PageLines.com website.





Please search our forums, before posting!

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