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Appearance > Customize: wipes ALL customization

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Help! I spent several hours setting up my DMS 2 site, including some custom CSS. The only plugins running are the PageLines ones.


I was frustrated when the Site Settings options would not allow me to save a custom text color, despite clicking the Publish button numerous times, and refreshing many times.


I went into the WordPress dashboard, and clicked the Appearance > Customize option, thinking it might give me some additional editing options. Instead it opened the DMS tour, and wiped out ALL of the customizations I had previously set up.


#1 question- can my work be restored?


#2 question- will these bugs be fixed, so I don't experience these challenges in the future?


I REALLY want to use DMS 2, but find times where it is buggy and problematic, which make me worry about long-term stability. If what happened to me today happened to a live, public site, I would be in big trouble.

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Whats the url to the site?


The customizer was disabled a few versions ago.

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I just tried what you described but the changes I made were still there even after hitting customisation and being brought back to the place I started.  I have made the mistake of activating the main DMS theme or my child theme in the past without saving the pl-configxxxx.json file. I now keep a lot of copies of it and publish it to a skeleton child theme to be sure, and keep an external copy of the custom LESS.


I also flush the LESS/CSS caches after making a lot of changes...and not seeing the results, if you do that you will see DMS do a save as well.


Certainly either Chrome or DMS loses the plot occasionally and no amount of clicking will open a section for example... this may resemble your 'despite clicking the Publish button numerous times, and refreshing many times' - it is indeed frustrating.


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