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DMS 1 Links in Text Boxes not working

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Hey everyone, I have a teacher trying to post some links in a text box and he's doing it right but the links still aren't working. His html is attached and links are below. This page: This is the link that is being produces from that html, which obviously results in a 404:"" Help? Thank you! Happy Friday! Jennifer

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Hi Jennifer,


First, you're using an out of date version of DMS 1, the latest version is 1.1.8, you're using DMS 1.1.1. I would recommend updating or upgrading to DMS 2.x.


Also, upon inspection of the site you linked, it would appear that the HTML isn't valid. As you can see from the URL created via the code:


This is the HTML being used - <a href="””" target="_blank">Seattle Sings</a>


There are two double quotation marks, the likely cause of this is probably the fact that you're copying and pasting the code from a text editor which isn't formatting it correctly. You will probably want to use a code editor, if you're copying and pasting the code into the TextBox or just write it manually instead of copy/paste.

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My record remains solid. I only ever ask for help when it is something relatively simple that I should've caught myself :( We have a complicated install with a few hundred sites, so DMS 2 is coming soon....


Thanks, Danny. 

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No problem.

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