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HOVER Section: Box-Size when you choose 12 Columns - quick solution

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Hi there, 
I've just added a hover-section to my sidebar with an image-width of 12 columns (so that it shows only one hover-image per row) and recognized that firefox outputs it "wrong" [attachment=2402:Screenshot1-BEFORE.png]
The simple solution for me was it to add a max-width of 100% to some classes via CSS. If someone has the same issue, that works:



.jgHover *, .jgHover *:after, .jgHover *:before 

box-sizing: border-box;
max-width: 100%;





Have a great day,
PS: There was no Topic-Prefix for the Hover-Section.

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James Giroux

Thanks Petra!  I'll add that into the next update.

James Giroux, CEO

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