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DMS 2 Simple method for inserting a small image

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Hi everyone,


I'm looking for a way to insert some small linked images into my site and am not sure what the best route is to do it.  


The site is


If you visit the site right now, you'll see in the top nav there is a link for "User Login".  The client wants this to be a button. :) I think they want it to be in the top right corner above the menu.  I think they want a small button - not a great big one like is on the masthead.  I think there is a way to do this with the btn class, but I'm not that sharp at CSS (my lack of coding skills is what drew me to Pagelines DMS).


Also, in the bottom right corner you see the text "Powered by 340B Direct".  They also want this to be a small logo-like image.  So, in this case, I have to make it an image file, possibly linked.


I've looked through all the section options and additional add-ons in the Pagelines shop and can't really see anything that will make it easy to pop a small image in somewhere.  Any creative ideas?




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HI, ryanchristopherson


You can get the Id for the menu item and actually change the menu item to look like a button like in the screenshot below {


add your css here



Of course you can be more creative than just red.


and for the logo at the bottom of the page you can use this  bit of code


<a href="URL HERE" target="_blank"><img src="IMAGE URL"></a>
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Ha - I over-thought it and was looking for an element to add the image, when I could just pop in some simple HTML.  


Thanks for the button CSS for the menu.  I increased the size of the navi menu, so it creates a large button effect (like a lot of space above and below the text).  I may need to figure out how to slim up the area around the menu items with some padding before this looks right.  Or just talk them into leaving it as a regular menu option...


Thanks for your help!


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Is this topic now resolved? 

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