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DMS 2 Can't create distinct type of page layout

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I'm trying to create a type of page layout and I'm not sure how to go about it. Hopefully you could shed some light on this. 


I have a website with a Case Studies section. Example of a Case Study page here:


This is almost exactly what I want but the current problems are:


  1. At the bottom the Masonic Gallery shows ALL other pages and posts. I just want it to show other Case Study pages only (i.e., no Blog posts). Should I be setting this Case Study content up as WP Posts instead of WP Pages and then use some sort of category filter in the Masonic Gallery? I tried making a Case Study as a WP Post, but that made my Blog entries change their layouts to look like Case Studies, which I didn't want. 
  2. If I click on another Case Study page (, the RevSlider at the top is still from the previous Case Study. How do I make a RevSlider unique to a page and not part of an overall template? 

Any help would be welcome, I've been prodding this for hours now. 


Cheers, Russell

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Hi Russell,


1. If you want to display specific pages or posts, you will want to filter the content using the Additional Post Selection options. For instructions on how to use these options to filter what content is shown in Masonic or Flipper sections see my post here -


2. If you want to have different configured RevSliders on your pages, you will want to create different templates, for each of your pages.

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Hi Danny:


Thanks, the masonic side of things now works. 


However, I am still having issues with the RevSlider. Like you suggested, I made a template called 'Case study: Dyson' for the Dyson page, and another template 'Case study: sunflowers' for the Sunflower page. I've made sure the right template for each was activated and everything was published. However the RevSlider still isn't behaving: the same image and text is displaying on both templates.


Is there some other component other than RevSlider that would work better for what I'm trying to achieve? 



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How did you create the templates ?


Did you load the Dyson one on your Sunflower page ? If so, did you unlink it before configuring the template or saving it as a 'Case study: sunflowers'. If you didn't that is your issue there.


Here is what should you do.


1. Go to your Sunflower page, then load the Dyson template.

2. Once loaded, click the unlink template option.

3. Now that the template is unlink, configure the RevSlider to your liking and any other sections.

4. Save the template and call it 'Case study: sunflowers' or whatever you prefer.


The RevSlider should now act differently.

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Hey Danny:


Thanks for that. I did as you said and it works fine now. Many thanks!



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No problem.

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