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dms2 install problems

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Hi Everyone,


I am experiencing a strange issue with a client site I am trying to install DMS 2 on. The installation appears to work but DMS will not load when I activate the site it shows an incorrect email and then I enter the proper one. As soon as I activate it switches to a screen telling me that I am deactivating the key for the account. DMS does not load and I get broken links for all the DMS functions. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I have deleted the installation of DMS twice and I had the same experience each time. I have never encountered this before. The site is http://dev.fingps.com/. Not that it matters much with this problem...



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I apologise, but I am not entirely sure what you're referring to. Therefore, would it be possible for you provide screenshots of your issue so we can see exactly what your problem is.

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Hi Batman,


Thanks for looking at this...the files appear to be there...that is the big question in my mind is why they aren't showing and why I cannot activate DMS.

This is a "moved" site but it was working properly until I added the DMS theme and then tried to activate and register. DMS was only installed after I copied and moved the original and verified that all the links were functional.

Screenshots of the hosting directory structure.







Also I just loaded and tested  the 2014 theme and it is working so this is some sort of DMS specific problem...




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The issue is your site URL, for some reason your URL is http://dev.fingps.com/. However, the DMS CSS is thinking your site is http://www.fingps.com/


So you're going to need to address your site URL, which you have likely changed in the WordPress settings.


You could also try the flush caches button in the DMS Toolbar > Site Settings > Reset and see if that resolves your issue.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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