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Theme Files/Stylesheet not allways Loading?

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Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere. If so, please point me there and I'll see if anyone else has the same problem and what the fix is.


Anyway, I manage a couple of sites that use Pagelines Framework 2.2.5. I've found in the last month or so that sometimes the theme files and/or the stylesheet don't always seem to load properly, causing the sites to appear "broken." The content is still there, but doesn't display properly. Perhaps I'm not explaining correctly, but that is what it seems like to me.


I can "fix" this by loging into the WP admin, and then logging out. I've checked on other computers with the cache cleared, and it does seem to fix it, at least for a while, but then in a couple of days, or maybe less (I can't see a pattern as to timing), it comes up as "broken" again.


Any thoughts as to why this is happening, and (more importantly) how I can fix it?


Screenshots are attached of what one of the sites should look like, and what it looks like when "broken." Here are the other detials for the two sites:


Pagelines Framework: 2.2.5
WordPress: 3.9.2
Host: BlueHost


Plugins In Common:
Pagelines Sections
Post Types Order
Sexy Snips
Simple CSS Lite
Special Recent Posts FREE Edition
Wordfence Security

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Hi MikeBauhof

 I have just this moment done a reverse IP check and found there are 1000 websites on the server your site is hosted on. This is the cause of your issue, you're using shared hosting and all these 999 other websites are sharing the same server resources as you.




You can take a look




This look like a problem with your server, perhaps you need to change this or make a consult to BlueHost.


You can see the host requirements in this






Life is too short to remove USB safely ...

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Can you provide links to the site(s) in question and also, enable debug mode on each of them please, you can find debug mode via WordPress Admin Dashboard > PageLines > Site Options > Advanced.


At the moment with you saying that you can temporary fix the issue by logging into your WordPress Admin Dashboard, this has me thinking that it is either related to a cache plugin or your server cache.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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