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DMS 2 SEO Info

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I have the Yoast SEO plugin for wordpress. Because of the DMS2 framework on the frontend I did all the SEO information in the backend wordpress page setup, partly because the plugin doesn't read the information on the framework. What I want to know is, because the SEO is essentially hidden will the website be taken off search engines. And is there an accordion style segment or plugin I can use with the wordpress content segment so I can have it on the page but colapsible?

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I am not sure what you're referring to when you say "What I want to know is, because the SEO is essentially hidden will the website be taken off search engines." Can you go into greater detail as to what you mean please.


DMS includes an accordion shortcode which you can use in pages and posts, you can find more information here -


If this isn't to your liking, you will want to search the WordPress plugin repository for a plugin version.

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There are a lot of articles talking about hidden text, and state things like, "Google will likely either ignore that text and negate the effects of placing it or may even penalize your site for having that text placed in a manner which violates their terms of service." or that a site will be banned from other seach engines. The way everything's setup all the SEO info is underneath the framework, and not visible. Do you know if this is an exceptable method or will it end up violating some search engines terms of service. 



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The Yoast SEO plugin (best one by the way) analyses your page/post content, it will not work with sections such as Masthead etc.. However, the Googlebot along with other bots will see your page text only and your sections are text so it will them too.

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