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Known Issues List - Where to find

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Is there a known issues list that we can resource in order to know how to handle an issue or avoid a specific component of functionality of component that just doesn't work, hasn't worked and potentially isn't ever going to work because Developer doesn't think it's broken?  Spending our time tracking down an issue only to find it was already covered in forum post that even after searching and clicking through 10 or 20 posts we hadn't found isn't how customers want to spend our time.


DMS2 has nice speed, combined with a SEO plugin is getting good results on most sites and the Pagelines team seemed to really be listening to their customers but the last few months there are a number of issues that seem to be either being avoided or ignored.  


I've already pointed several of these out, they have been confirmed and added to tracker or reported to Developer but nothing has changed in months.  I'm starting to feel like I did during the DMS1 era before DMS2 was announced...fixes are slow, some component functionality isn't as clean or reliable as it should be. 


DMS as a framework is better than using a Theme at least in my opinion and overall more stable but a known issues lists isn't too much to ask for.  Example, hero section doesn't work on left switch, space is created below menu when using simple nav if you switch between pages and resize, post pins overlap with extra CSS added, scroll slider button 2 doesn't work, PopThumbs locks up DMS editor and crashes...I can probably find a few more.  


Please handle known issues and other documentation appropriately.  







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