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    • photomomwife
      By photomomwife
      I updated Wordpress and Pagelines yesterday so I don't know where the problem lies, but right afterword the background image disappeared, the page color moved in front of text causing a gray screen, the logo disappeared and all the page options reset so that the footer was in the header and the Page Title and Subtitle disappeared. This happened on all of my sites and it was quite frustrating to figure this out.
      I immediately deactivated some plugins and that helped to bring the color of the page to the back. Then I tried to reload the logo from the media library and even though I could see it there it would reappear. So then I removed and then re-uploaded the logo and then it came back.
      Then I did the same for the background image but it will not come back. And then I went to page options and dragged things around until it looked right. It's like it reset and added all sorts of modules I never had in there. Also, the site seems way slower today.
      Does anyone know what happened? And why can't I get the background image to reappear?
    • Shane Holloman
      By Shane Holloman
      Setting save everywhere else that I can see but not for "Author Posts"
      For instance: When I try to set a page template, or a default background, nothing will save...
      Please advise
    • wevival
    • Audun MB
      By Audun MB+
      I'm trying to change the Page Options for Author Posts (I want to hide the primary sidebar). I change the options, click Save options (the blue button) and get the message "Base Theme settings saved - View your site". 
      But it doesn't work. The options page reload with none off the options changed, and the changes doesn't take effect either. 
      This is only an issue with Page Options for Author Posts, I can change all other Pages Options. 
      I think this is a new issue after the latest Pagelines upgrade (I've changed this options before).
      I've tried to disable all plugins, except the ones that are either from Wordpress.org (the ones that come with the installation, like Importer), from Pagelines or recommended by Pagelines, but that didn't change anything. 
    • tinsky