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Problem with translation via the pagelines-customize plug-in

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After posting at the end of a thread that is more than a year old, I realized it did not bump up my question in the front page of the forum, so I've decided to post it as a new topic, which it is.


I did just as said in the following thread:



- I installed the pagelines-customize plug-in, activated it, and created a language subfolder.

- I used Poedit to edit my fr_FR.po file and copied the output fr_FR.po and fr_FR.mo files to wp-content/plugins/pagelines-customize/language.


After that, my new translation (the hover text for the Flipper section) is not displayed. I tried refreshing the cache to no avail.


However, after I overwrote the original fr_FR.po and fr_FR.mo files with the modified ones in wp-content/themes/dms/language, it works right away. So you may wonder, why do I post a question?


Well, I had to change directly the DMS theme to make it work, while the customize plug-in remains useless, which means that I will lose my custom translation after the next DMS update which will overwrite files in wp-content/themes/dms.


Can you please help and fix the customize plug-in?


Best regards,


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Use a child theme and see if this resolves your issue, you can use mine here - http://dannyholt.github.io/skeleton/


Just create a language folder and add your files. Also, make sure you have changed the language in your wp-config.php file.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Hello Danny,


Thanks, it worked. While the customize plug-in was not working to load the modified language file, the base child theme was able to load it, and I moved my CSS customizations there. This should protect them from further DMS style updates.




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Oh wait, actually, I sent the post too quickly, as I just realized that switching to the child theme broke the display. It generates a mess on all webpages. I will have to rollback.

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I found the cause. When switching to the child theme, the widgets of my custom sidebars mysteriously get modified. Their contents get shifted from one to the other.


To be clear:

- my theme primary sidebar gets the widgets of my custom sidebar #1

- my custom sidebar #1 gets the widgets of my custom sidebar #2

- my custom sidebar #2 gets the widgets of my custom sidebar #3

- my custom sidebar #3 gets the widgets of my theme primary sidebar


If I switch back to the main DMS theme, the widgets get back to their original location. Very strange. I could tediously manually set them back to their right place.

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I also had to move my custom CSS code from the style.less to the style.css files of the child theme to make it work because apparently in the CSS generated by the less there was another definition of the .pl-section-pad style that took precedence over my custom one. Moving to the CSS file seems to have given priority to my definition.


I could finally make it everything work, but this was a lot of effort and disruption for my website just to protect my minor language customizations from further updates. It would have been simpler if the customization plug-in simply worked.


Thanks anyway. 

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