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Creating Full Width section (Big Images)

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kellid    2



Hello! I'm trying to add a full width image to a section and it's not working for me.  I want to duplicate the "big images" section on your DMS example http://themes.pagelines.com/dms/big-images/  but as you can see in the link below, only a fraction of the image is showing.  


https://www.dropbox....Image size.tiff
Any idea on how to fix this?





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Danny    1,327



You will want to set a min height or add more content to your sections such as other sections.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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kellid    2

Thanks Danny!


But I did that and still nothing.  I've set the min height to 900px and added a callout and text box section.  I don't want a lot of text over the image, just the large image with a callout section.  Any idea what I'm missing?  


Thanks again!

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jmad+    80

Under the "scroll effects and sizing" option select "set to height of window" and see if that accomplishes what you want.

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kellid    2

Thank You, jmad!!!!


that did it!

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