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Remember to include as much information about your technical issue as possible for example:
Website URL: mock site:  www.wpb2b.com
Framework Version: DMS2
WordPress Version: 3.9.1

1) NAVBAR issue: I can't seem to get the top page menu selection to go to the page with NAVBAR when the mouse cursor is over the parent page title; only the sub pages are available. How can I make the top page selection available when the mouse cursor selects the top page title?  How can I fix if this is a design feature?  Why is it a design feature to not let all pages be accessed? 

2) NAVI issue: top menu and sub pages are all available (nice!), but site typographical font setting of 30x does not work (yet it does work on NAVBAR.[attachment=2363:NAVBAR-and-NAVI-ISSUES-100x23x72.jpg]. Is this a design feature?  If so it would be nice to be able to change the font size just like in the NAVBAR so it is consistent with the website page fonts.  How can I fix?

3) If it is possible let's do a screen share and fix this as soon as possible.

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Firstly, please refrain in the future from asking multiple questions, our forum policy is one question per topic. This is for search indexing reasons.


1. If you're referring to a Menu item not linking to a page when that menu item has child menu items. The reason for this is, the NavBar section is based on the Boostrap navigation functionality. Therefore, whenever you have a menu item that has child items, the parent will act as an anchor instead of a link. Meaning that when you click this menu item, the drop down menu will appear. There is no way to change the NavBar so that it support parent menu items to have a link. If you do not like this functionality, you will want to either use the Navi section or try our Uber Menu.


2. I am not entirely sure what you're referring to and the image you have provided is far too tiny to clearly see the problem. Please provide a link to the site in question so we can take a look or provide a better image. Also please use an image hosting service instead of attaching the image, try Imgur.


3. We do not provide screen share in our support. All technical support is handled via our support forum.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Danny, Thank you for your responses!  Sorry... I should have only referenced one issue for the indexing reasons.


1.  Thank you for referring me to Uber Menu!!  I will install today.

2.  Sorry I will use Jing.  And please consider increasing the size of file attachments in the forum for it is impossible to attach a viable image size with the current settings.  Typographical page settings do not work for Navi fonts.  I will create a new topic for this.

3. May I recommend screen share as a premium support offer for a fee basis.  I will be happy to pay for this additional support if costs are reasonable.


Thank you,





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1. No problem.


2. We will not be increasing the file attachment size due to having over 55k users. If you want to share an image, the best method is to use an image hosting server such as imgur.


3. We tried this in the past and like Live chat, it was being abused. Users were asking multiple questions instead of only one and some users took it upon themselves to think that our staff during the screen share would design their site for them.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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