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Locked out of Wordpress dashboard

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I am unable to log into the Wordpress dashboard for my website. When I try, I get a page of lines saying:
Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home/hundreds/hundredsofhundreds.com/wp-content/themes/platformpro/core/library/class.layout.php on line 159 (and line 162, etc)

I have not posted to my wordpress site in a while, but keep it reasonably updated and haven't made any changes or deleted any important files that I am aware of. Any help much appreciated!


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If you log into pagelines.com, under my-account you will be abole to download the latest version of PlatformPro, 1.6.1. You are using 1.2 which is years out of date.


The problem you are experiencing is your host upgrading the version of PHP without telling you ;) the lastest version of PlatformPro has these warnings suppressed allowing you to log in.


Alternatively if you don't want to update the theme and wish to keep everything as it is, just ask your host to turn off PHP error logging. It should be off in a production environment anyway.

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Simon - thank you. I am ashamed to say that I downloaded the update and have no idea what to do next. (This is what happens when a 20-something sets up your blog for you and leaves you to your own devices!) Tried to look through the wiki and forums but don't see simple instructions for updating. My host is not able to deactivate the error logging and I wash't able to figure out how to do it myself. Gosh, I sure feel dumb. Is there someplace I can find simple instructions for installing the updated version? THANK YOU.

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do you have a way to edit the functions.php file?


Upgrading such an old version would probably break more than fix issues. There is old then there is old ;)


If you can edit the functions.php file either via FTP or via some sort of host editor then you can just add the changes that suppress those errors.


Here is a link to the file to change and I have highlighted what you need to add. https://github.com/pagelines/platformpro/blob/master/functions.php#L11-L13

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