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    • Timothy
    • cdagesse
      By cdagesse+
      So this has happened 2x and Godaddy is telling me its an issue with Pagelines not them.  
      Website: dcd.auto
      Cant login and nothing seems to fix it, i have tried to disable theme and plugins but still causing issues
      any ideas?
    • Janardan
      By Janardan+
      How to remove/hide excerpt text from pinspro sidebar?
    • sruehle
      By sruehle+
      Hey there,
      I hope that this questions doesn´t come up every day:
      I´d like to set up a sub-page that contains my blog (http://www.finmeetstech.com/blog/). When I am adding posts to this page, they always show as excerpt with a read more button that links to an other page, at which the full post content can be viewed. However, I would like to either have the whole blog content on the first page (http://www.finmeetstech.com/blog/) or to change the functionality of the read more button, so that it is toggling the full content instead of loading a new page. 
      I already selected
        For each article in a feed, show Full text
       but it didn´t work.
      I am using DMS with the voyant child theme. I hope that you can help me with this. Moreover, I should add that I am not really confident in editing any php files. 
      Thank you in advance. 
    • Buishi
      By Buishi
      OK, so I've been having some issues with WP Engine, mutlisite, and Pagelines DMS2. I searched the forums, and the closest thing (that didn't exactly work) was this: http://forum.pagelines.com/topic/38307-wp-engine-server-migration-copy-installation-problem/?hl=database
      To make a long story short, when I created my staging site, the Site and Home URL were messed up (it was adding "www." to the beginning). After fixing that issue in the DB with a find and replace (using the same interconnectit tool in the above forum post), all the sections are suddenly blank. I can't figure out why... All I did was replace www.[stagingsite].wpengine.com with [stagingsite].wpengine.com. The first one was wrong, so if anything I would have expected to have problems with that one...
      Any ideas? Here's the staging site:
      Here's the live site: