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Hi Everyone,


I have page headings set in media boxes for each page...these display just fine in Chrome but when I look at the site in Firefox the subheads are huge, covering most of the pages. I don't understand what is up or how to address this issue. Any help greatly appreciated.


The site is and the pages displaying this problem are archive, submit and mailing list.


This had been behaving just fine in the past but I was attempting to use cleaner, more precise images for the subheads. The actual artwork is just over 80px high...very strange.




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Update: I found this post: and the solution contained addressed my immediate issue although I now have a very fine alignment problem images do not line up exactly with their neighboring columns...

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The issue is related to padding, if you want to remove all padding top from the Masonic section use the following CSS:


#site .section-masonic .pl-section-pad,
#site .section-masonic .span-wrap {
  padding-top: 0;
You may need to tweak it slightly.

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Thanks Danny, 


That did the trick and it also helped my with the CSS for the padding on some other objects. I swear I will learn how to address each object with CSS at some point soon. Your help really is helping me learn how to do this better and I appreciate that.

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No problem, happy to help!

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