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I've been testing ProPins for possible use in a soon to be site.  My image work in RevSlider but maybe are sized too small for SrollSlider.  How do I control the height?  I've targeted the id of the slider, tried the pl-fix as target and others...nothing seems to impact the height.


Is there a recommended photo size to have the result on the demo?

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Not entirely sure what you mean, as the RevSlider has a height option, so not sure why you use pl-fix ? Anyway, each slider in Scroll Slide has an unique ID, which you can use to give a slide a specific height.

For example:


div#slide-1 {
height: 950px !important;
You can target all slides using this:
.slide {
height: 950px !important;


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Sorry, I had no problem with RevSlider other than trying to figure out how to make the entire slide a link.


Is there not a default height set for scroll slider?  Setting the slide height via CSS is required?...That's cool I was just surprised that it only showed maybe 300px of my images that were 960 by 600.  You answered my question.  



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No problem.

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