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How do I use a different language in my iblogpro6-theme?

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I bought the iblogpro6 theme. In the folder wp-content/themes/iblogpro6/dms/language there is a Dutch mo-file. Some words are translated (labelled with), most words are not (posted by, continue reading).

What do I need to do to get these words translated?

(I did try to find this issue in the doc's and in this forum, but couldn't find anything that I understood).



wp: 3.9.1 with config-file set to nl_NL


Have a great day,


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Hi Danny,

thanks for answering. That Doc was one of the first I looked at this morning and I couldn't find a plugin called Pageline Customize ("By using either the Base Theme or PageLines Customize Plugin and creating a language folder, ..."). I also don't know what is meant by 'base theme'. Is that my theme? Is that a theme called 'Base'?

It feels like I am missing a vital connection, which is setting me off in a wrong direction. :-S

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