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Site has gone Blank

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I my site has gone totally blank, and seemingly at a random time. I have not updated anything or added any new plug-ins but my site is a blank white page. My host has cleaned PHP and re uploaded a totally new wordpress, and when I use the pagelines theme it doesn't work. I am realizing I have not de-installed pagelines yet, but I will give it a shot. Any other help would be greatly appreciated.







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    • verush
      By verush
      Hi Guys!
      I installed the Pageline Customize Plugin in order to change the number of posts in the masonic grid. I tried adding a code to the fnctions.php file of the plugin, at the bottom. It didn't work, so I erased it but with it also a part of the PHP code. The site went blank, every page, even the login. Can't go back, I was told I should try access the place where the issue happened through the database but I don't think I have the necessary skills to resolve this.
      I am not very familiar with PHP either and obviously shouldn't have touched there in the first place. Lesson learned.
      What would you advice me to do in order to get my site back? Can you help?
      Thank you!