transfering my website - what is going to be with all the media?

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Hello everyone!


I'm using dms 2 and im wondering, what will happen to all the media that inside my dms website if i want to export the website?

i'll explain:


im working on a website that sits on my server (while im working on it)

i want to transfer the website to other server with other domain.


a. how do i do that?

b. I guess each picture address starting with

   if i will move the website with all the files it will never find those files beacuse they all starting with my old domain.


I Will really appreciate your helping!

Thanks and peace! 

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You will want to follow the guide here -


I would also recommend exporting your WordPress content via the WordPress import/export tools and the same with your DMS site settings via the DMS import/export tools.

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thanks. i have another question. 

ive made new regular page with wordpress (and not in the dms)

i wanna see the page but i get the dms template and cant see the page that ive made. 

how can i see the page correctly like in a regular wordpress website?


thanks again

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Please create a new topic, as we only allow one question per topic for search indexing reasons.

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