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    • wendygordon
      By wendygordon
      Wondering if it is possible to use posts or custom post types instead of pages.
      thanks so much.
    • JawDesigns
      By JawDesigns
      Thanks for providing this section. It looks great. However, I was hoping there could be a fix for the following annoying issue:
      1) On a smaller screen (mobile) please navigate to the following website: http://tslandscapes.co.uk/services/
      2) The 'Design' tab should already be displayed and open
      3) Scroll down to the 'Construct' tab
      4) Click on the 'Construct' tab ***issue*** Browser starts scrolling weirdly and you loose your place on the website
      5) Scroll down to the 'Maintain' tab
      6) Click on the 'Maintain' tab ***issue*** Browser starts scrolling weirdly and you loose your place on the website
      Can and is there a way to fix this please? It makes the tabs very hard to use on mobile phones as I keep looking where I am on the web page.
      Kind regards,
      James Wilson
    • wendygordon
      By wendygordon
      I have noticed that when I use this product on Sub Menu items, if i change the tabs on 1 submenu item, it changes for all of the pages in that submenu.  I want each page in the submenu to have the different tabs. is this possible?
    • jDub
      By jDub
      Hi there,
      When I'm using pages for the content of my Selettore tabs, no images will show up on the page.  Instead it's just a big white space.   http://vendettaminingcorp.com/main/our-projects/  (please see Geology tab)
      Images will work fine when I use them in the custom layout text space, however if I don't want to use the "sub title" or "media" space, when left blank the default text and image appears. http://vendettaminingcorp.com/main/our-projects/   (please see Location tab)
      I've search through the php in the plugin and can not find where to resolve this.  Furthermore, I can not fine the css class where I can edit the custom layout styles on the header (it's to big and I don't want it centred.)
      These problems are apparent through out all browsers.
      Thank you in advance.
    • massmosaic
      By massmosaic
      Hi there,
      I'm using WP 3.9 and am using DMS 2.0.4. My page is http://test.massmosaic.com/getting-started/. It's pw protected... I will send this privately if needed... 
      Just purchased Selettore Tabs (http://www.pagelines.com/shop/sections/selettore-tabs/). Added to my page and put a shortcode in there to display a gravity form (i.e.  [gravityform id="1" name="Form 1"]. It outputs only the shortcode text (not the form). So I then put the shortcode in a page and told the tab to pull content from the page. This time, nothing shows. 
      I then tried to add a shortcode for a video slider to both places. Same result.... so it seems like Selettore Tabs don't accept 3rd party shortcodes? Is this true or is there some sort of issue?
      Thank you.