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DMS theme is apparently slowing my site majorly

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So I have had speed issues with my site ever since I upgraded to DMS2 from PlatformPro.


I queried it and came across many possible explanations, from troublesome plugins to server issues.


However, I couldn't identify any of those as the problem with my site.


I installed a caching plugin as a quick fix to the issue, which works very well, but is useless with an online shop which I will be launching on the site soon.


I used a plugin called P3 Plugin Performance Profiler (https://wordpress.org/plugins/p3-profiler/) which analyses which plugins (& theme) are causing slow site load times.


I disabled the caching plugin to get an accurate test and these were the results: http://grab.by/yKkm


As you can see the theme is taking about 17 seconds to load while all the plugins are normal.


The site is http://cavistons.com/ ; the caching plugin is currently on as the site is way too slow without it but I can turn it off if you need to investigate.

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Hi seatangltd,


I'm not a mod or part of the support team, just another user. However be aware if you are logged into your site when you do the testing it will show a long load time as the front end editor will load with a ton of extra scripts/resources etc. Which can more than double the load time.


My experience has been that DMS 2 loads more quickly than previous versions... as long as you are not logged in...

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jamieg270 I appreciate your input, but I'm testing using a plugin which can only be accessed from inside the dashboard, so I imagine the plugin tests it normally.


Plus, the load times in the test result are reflective of what I have experienced with my site while not logged in and with the caching plugin off.

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Well caching plugin or not, having css/js minification on means we have no way to tell what CSS method dms is using.


If you want constructive help, turn it all off. 

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Simon_P Forgot about that. I have turned everything off now so would appreciate some help.

I've also activated debug mode.

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I have just installed the same plugin and ran a scan, my results are as followed:




Therefore, the issue isn't DMS, DMS does not take 17secs to load. If that is the case for you, then the likely cause is your hosting. Martin has already replied to another you have regarding your sites performance here - http://forum.pagelines.com/topic/35299-speed-issues-with-my-site/


The issue with your sites performance is that you're using cheap web hosting, called Shared Hosting. Shared hosting is cheap for a reason, its not very good. You have nearly 400 other websites sharing the same server resources as your site. Therefore, if you're concerned over your sites performance, then you shouldn't be using shared hosting, which is well known for its poor performance. If you want to increase your sites performance, the first you will want to do is switch host or hosting package. I would recommend either:


Hosting your site with FlyWheel

Purchasing a VPS or Dedicated server from either Linode or Digital Ocean.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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