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Backup from October 2013 not restoring **willing to pay to get it restored and working

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I have a site built in Platform Pro and was not updated.  The site stopped working in the last week or two.


I have been unable to restore the site back to my server properly.  The site was backed using BackupBuddy.


I am willing to pay someone to successfully get the site restored so it can be upgraded to DMS2.




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Hi Kip,


Unfortunately, if your site wasn't updated then we are not able to provide support. We can only provide support to users who run the latest version of our products. The best solution to your issue would be to contact your host and see if they have a backup which they can restore your website. If they don't then, then you're going to need to provide some more information such as:


A link to the site in question

What version of Platform Pro was you using

When you try and restore from backup, why is it failing? Do you receive an error ?

Why did the site suddenly fail, did you install any plugins or receive any errors?

Please search our forums, before posting!

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