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Transparent content without text transparent

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Dear ones,


please give my guidance.


I want to make the content transparent and this already works.

But the content text and the images are now also transparent.

How can I change the CSS so that only the background of the content is transparent and not the text and images?

Ans where can I make the branding section and the footer transparent also?


Here is my CSS:


#content .content  { background: #FFF; opacity: 0.5;}


I work with Pagelines Framework 2.4.5.


Thank you so much!


kind regards




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Hi uniquecreative

Please post your site's url so I can properly troubleshoot the issue for you.


Life is too short to remove USB safely ...

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The issue you have is that you have used the CSS property opacity, this sets the opacity to everything in the parent element and child elements. Therefore, you shouldn't use it to create transparent backgrounds which I believe is what you're trying to achieve.

You will want to remove the opacity property and value from your CSS and replace it with background-color and rgba(...); See the following links for more information:




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