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DMS 2 PageTitle adding white space DIV's appearing

2 posts in this topic white space under the pagetitle. When I inspect element I can see div's that I assume are creating the white space. How do I remove them?


<div class="pl-section-controls fix">
<div class="controls-left">
<a title="" href="#" class="s-control s-control-icon section-decrease" data-original-title="Decrease Width"><i class="icon icon-caret-left"></i></a>
<span title="" class="s-control section-size" data-original-title="Column Width">12/12</span>
<a title="" href="#" class="s-control s-control-icon section-increase" data-original-title="Increase Width"><i class="icon icon-caret-right"></i></a>
<a title="" href="#" class="s-control s-control-icon section-offset-reduce " data-original-title="Offset Left "><i class="icon icon-angle-double-left"></i></a>
<span title="" class="s-control offset-size" data-original-title="Offset Amount">0</span>
<a title="" href="#" class="s-control s-control-icon section-offset-increase " data-original-title="Offset Right "><i class="icon icon-angle-double-right"></i></a>
<a title="" href="#" class="s-control s-control-icon section-start-row " data-original-title="Force to New Row "><i class="icon icon-level-down"></i></a>
<div class="controls-right">
<a title="" href="#" class="s-control s-control-icon section-edit s-loaded" data-original-title="Edit"><i class="icon icon-pencil"></i></a>
<a title="" href="#" class="s-control s-control-icon section-clone s-loaded " data-original-title="Clone "><i class="icon icon-copy"></i></a>
<a title="" href="#" class="s-control s-control-icon section-delete" data-original-title="Delete"><i class="icon icon-remove"></i></a>

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Please be aware that the Page Title section is not a PageLines product and therefore, we are unable to provide support. However, your issue is related to the following which from the looks of it, you have added yourself.


<h3 style="text-align: justify;">What information do we collect?</h3>


If you replace it with the following, it should resolve your issue.


<h3 class="zmt" style="text-align: justify;">What information do we collect?</h3>

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