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Cannot echo pp-section-pad

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This is perplexing me.


I cannot output 'pp-section-pad' as a class in any php. I know that hyphens are not allowed/written as a minus, but when writing a class I don't see why this would be a problem. The following code for example outputs a only empty <div></div>


<?php if(get_field('custom_column_1')){?>
<div class="pl-section-pad fix"><?php echo $content; ?></div>
 <?php } else { ?>
<!-- do nothing -->
<?php } ?>

I noted exactly the same behaviour in PLNext Box by Simon_P. The padding class does not echo. Perhaps DMS itself is stopping the echo?


Interested for input.






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where are you putting that code?

You really dont need to open and close php tags on every line, thats a bad habit and makes your code really hard to read and harder to debug.

Also you dont need the else if there is nothing to do in that else.

$content = 'bannana';
if( $content ) {
printf( '<div class="pl-section-pad fix">%s</div>', $content );


<div class="pl-section-pad fix">bannana</div>

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Hi Simon_P


I use PHP a fair bit, but I'm no expert and am learning all the time :-) I find this echo format an easier way of outputting large blocks of formatted  HTML though.


Anyway even with printf the class still doesn't output. All I get is the same as before:-

<div class>

I don't know why but if I use a class with 2 hyphens it outputs fine, but 3 simply doesn't work.


Here is a full output of my code. What it does is use custom repeater fields to output a repeater of Pagelines column blocks so it's more dynamic from the Wordpress Admin end:-

<?php if( have_rows('custom_column_repeater') ): ?>
<div class="row grid-row">
	<?php while( have_rows('custom_column_repeater') ): the_row(); 
		// vars
		$content = get_sub_field('custom_column_repeater_content');
		$span = get_sub_field('custom_column_repeater_span');
		$pad = get_sub_field('custom_column_repeater_span');
<section data-object="PLColumn" data-sid="plcolumn" class="pl-section span<?php echo $span; ?> offset0 force-start-row pl-bg-cover section-plcolumn" style="">
<div class="pl-section-pad fix">		
<div class="pl-sortable-column pl-sortable-area editor-row ">
<div class="row grid-row">
<section class="pl-section span12 offset0 pl-bg-cover section-pl-nextbox">
<?php //echo '<div class="mysection-pad fix">' . $content . '</div>';?>	
<?php if( $content ) {
printf( '<div class="pl-section-pad fix">%s</div>', $content );
} ?>
<span class="pl-column-forcer"></span>
<?php endwhile; ?>
<?php endif;?>

You'll see that I've echoed out the line above your replaced code that uses an alternate class 'mysection-pad' which added in the same padding classes as 'pp-section-pad'.


If you want to update my less succinct code please feel free.




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