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my website www.triskelebookfairs.com is absolutely not loading, or so slow that it times out. 


I am not so tech savvy, and can't determine if it is Pagelines or the wordpress causing it, but I#ve looked through the FAQ and I can't seem to find something that helps me, and now I'm combing through google. What on earth have I done????

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You're using an out of date version of PageLines Framework, please update to the latest version. As we do not provide support to users running out of date products.


Also, if your site is running slow or not even loading, then you it is likely plugin related or your server environment. I recommend first updating to the latest version, then disabling all active plugins and see if this resolves your issue.


You're also running a cache plugin, if cache plugins are not configured correctly, then can cause all sorts of problems.

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