DMS 2 Connection flood to Port 80?

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Has anyone ever heard of this? 


I host my active sites on Flywheel. They're totally the best.


But I have some legacy sites that I've maintained on A Small Orange for the past year (they were originally with Living Dot, but I, sadly, left them over a billing dispute, and regretted it ever since). I was doing some routine maintenance on a site hosted at ASO over the weekend and, repeatedly, the following happened: A Small Orange blocked my IP address because they said there was a "connection flood to port 80." The only thing I was doing was editing (using the latest update in DMS2) when this happened (it usually happened after I tried to save changes/edits). I only had one page open and in use when this happened. It happened again today and ASO never responded to my repeated requests for help, so I just moved all those legacy sites over to WH Geeks (they were fast and seem okay for these type of legacy sites I need to host somewhere other than Flywheel). 


Anyway, before I go back in and do any editing on these sites, I want to make sure this isn't something that people know about, or that it is a DSM2 related issue or what might be the cause of something like this ... basically, ASO was totally useless about why something like this would be happening. No suggestions, no clue, no shiznit. 

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Hmm, well maybe its because when the editor is open it loads quite a few javascript files, plus the images on the page of course, but im assuming that host realises that.


Yes you can have IP rate limiting for IPs thats how most ISPs, hosts, and CDNs do it. In fact thats how everybody blocks DDOS attempts, but ive never EVER heard of a host rate limiting a logged in user, just shows how awesome they are i suppose ;)

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Thanks, Simon ... Yeah, I have had nothing but headaches with ASO. I urge everyone to steer clear of them.  

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