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Recent Update (2.1.3) and Header Issues

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Just a quick post in case anyone else has this issue, it's been frustrating me for a few days.


After updating to the latest release of DMS, 2.1.3 (did all plugin updates first), the header section of my site was repeated, it showed two of them.  So I went to the DMS editor, removed one, they both went.  Saved, but it would not.  Deleted the header sections, saved, but they remained.


After banging my head against a brick wall for a few hours over the last few days I found a setting in the DMS editor that I turned off and it seemed to fix the issue.


If you have this issue go to 'Site Settings' in the DMS Editor and tick the box that reads 'Disable Header Region'.  This leaves you with one header section that actually saves when you update it.


Not sure if this is a plugin conflict or a bug, but I have a live site that is taking £15k+ of orders per month and I refuse to do yet another plugin disable to find yet more DMS conflicts.


This is a quick win for anyone suffering the same issue.



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Hi Stuart,


I have updated several test sites and not once have I encountered a double header. Therefore, it does likely point to one of your installed plugins. The problem you have is that you shouldn't be updating your live site blindly which is in-essence what you're doing. If your site is receiving as many orders as you say, you really should have a locally installation of your site which is a duplicate of your live site, then perform the updates there so you can test if there are any errors. I recommend this workflow to all users, you should even perform a backup when updating WordPress.


Also, I am not sure as to why you're of the opinion that we ask all users to disable plugins to find DMS bugs ? We ask users to disable all active plugins, to demonstrate that the issue is caused by a third party plugin you have installed and is not DMS. If the issue persists, then it may well be a DMS bug. However, 99.9% of the time, the issue is plugin, script or custom code related and not DMS.


Please be aware by refusing to disable all active plugins we will be unable to provide any support.



Please search our forums, before posting!

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