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Cool Carousel sold separately or a club product?

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I am new o PageLines and what is offered and not offered. What does it mean to be a club member or not.


So I am interested in the Coolcarousel but I thought as a PageLines Club member it was part of the products to add to site, I am not too sure about that. Is it? How to obtain if part of the so called ability to download all Pagelones extras as the club stated?



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Hi. Thanks for your interest in my Cool Carousel product. I am a 3rd party developer so it's not included in your Club Membership. These are the ones developed by PageLines, which would be in your Club Membership: http://www.pagelines.com/author/pagelines/?post_type=product


It's like the Apple app store. I make a percentage when you buy my product(s).


Let me know if you have any other q's.


Best to you,

-Clifford P

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