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css+ technical questions

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I would like to know how I can change the style of mobile menu, and the icon of that. The icon represented for the mobile menu looks very tiny on the Iphone. another problem with the mobile menu is that it does not open at once it opens in two steps. 1/4 of  page, and then full page.


My second question is about responsiveness, I noticed that some of the posts, pages if they have a long title, in mobile view the responsiveness of the layout gets problem, so I have to solve that by breaking the text to another line, or shorten the text to fit into its place.


3- The bottom part of the portfolio pictures, get cut out, and does not show on the page. 


4- where can I find to the css file ?


5- My blog comments does not show. how can I activate that?

6- How I can hide/ remove the sorting posts categories.

7- How can I stop search function to show irrelevant, hidden pages.



Looking forward to hearing from you.







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Firstly our forum policy is one question per topic, in future please refrain from asking multiple question per topic.


1. I am not entirely sure what you mean by mobile icon and how it looks on an iPhone. Also, I have no issue opening the mobile menu, if you're having it open 1/4 then fully, it could be related to a plugin or script you may have added.


2. Page title or Post titles aren't really supposed to be extremely long. However, I have no issue with my layout when adding a test post with a long title, if you can provide a screenshot of your layout, we may be able to help.


3. Again, can you provide a screenshot of your issue please.


4. Not sure what you mean, can you go into greater detail please.


5. Comments display by default, if they're not displaying then you most likely have disabled them. You will need to check your WordPress settings or see if you have disabled them on the post itself.


6. Not sure what you mean, can you go into greater detail please.


7. You will need to use a plugin, try searching the WordPress plugin repo or asking this question on the WordPress support forums. As this is related to WordPress and not DMS.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Here is a screenshot to show the problem with responsiveness in mobile view. As you could see on the screenshot, some of the text push the layout out. 

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In that screenshot are you referring to the image source URL ?

Please search our forums, before posting!

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