DMS 2 Pl NextBox adds 'pl-section-pad' even when I check "Disable DMS padding classes"

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I'd like to add stuff to my website without any paddings or margins (I'll custom code them if I need it).
I've tried using MediaBox and NextBox but they always add some paddings.
There is a:

<div class="pl-section-pad fix">

which adds the padding. 
Is there a but or how can I add media boxes and nextboxes without having to remove the padding with Less.

Thank you very much!

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as simple as changing 


.pl-section-pad {

.pl-section-pad {
  padding: 0;

To target a specific Media box, NextBox or any other section for that matter - Drill down to the Section ID with Firebug or your browser inspection tools


for example - this giant logo in the next screenshot is displayed via a media box -


if we want to target just that section we prefix the CSS with the section ID - in this instance  #mediaboxukc8r4i


Help with ID and Class selectors can be found here




a post i think helps also is here


and Danny's comment here 





What I recommend is you use if you aren't already Google Chromes web dev tools, when inspecting any element in Chromes dev tools, padding is displayed as green and margin is displayed as a shade of orange. This should help you identify the class you want to target.


Then you can manipulate the sites padding/margin using chromes dev tools, then all you want to do then is add your changes to your custom CSS.


For example, let's say you want to remove the padding from the masthead section, you code would look something like this (please remember this is an example):


.section-masthead .content-pad { padding: 0px; }




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That's the method I've been using up until this point, just writing CSS and targeting the elements I want to have more or less padding.

What I meant was to ask what is the "Disable DMS padding classes" -checkbox in NextBox supposed to do? 
I assumed (apparently wrong) that it would simply remove all paddings around the Nextbox and it's content. 

Thank you very much!

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