DMS 2 WP Content/Loop Section Options disappeared in v. 2.1.1 & other Upgrade issues

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Hi, I just upgraded to version DMS 2.1.1 from version 2.0.7...


I'm running a Child Theme that I created step by step using your instruction in Pagelines Docs... according to your own documentation, using a child theme should prevent a lot of the issues that occur when you publish a core update, and yet when I upgrade I need to spend hours and sometimes days redoing a lot of my work.  This is getting very irritating and incredibly frustrating!!!!


After I upgraded this is what's happening:


- A lot of LESS/CSS is no longer worked. Seems new classes were implemented which meant I had to go in and edit or rewrite a lot of my CSS.


- A lot of options that are set via the DMS front-end section option panels are changed or erased.  So that means I have to play a scavenger hunt through all my page templates, one by one, and reselect these options...


The biggest frustration is that the font end options for the WP Content/Loop section seem to be gone:


- I can't choose the location of the thumbnail in blog index loop or single post templates!

- I can't determine the length of the excerpt

- I can't choose from magazine or list layout... 


All the options available now are:

- Hide media?

- Hide author info?

- Post meta, and

- Thumbnail size...


What happened to the rest of the options?????????!


Here's a screen pic of what the options panel looked like in v 2.0.7 with all the options that don't seem to be available in version 2.1.1


And here's a screen pic of the new options panel for the WP Content/Loop section in v 2.1.1 which really doesn't allow me to customize much...


So, what's up with this? How do I customize my post loop / singlepost without these options??? 


Our live site (running version 2.0.7)


Click here for our staging site (running version 2.1.1)





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Did you enable the legacy mode?

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I enabled legacy mode and the options I'm looking for are there... 


But why make these options "legacy" and unsupported in future releases?? It makes no sense...


How does one customize the post excerpt or position of the thumbnails in excerpt or single posts without these options being available or supported?

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