DMS 2 Footer menu alignment problems

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Hi, I can't seem to get anything to work for a nav on the footer.

It seems to be centered in its column but I want it to the left (aligned with the button above).


I have tried (in the ul or li or selectors):



padding-left: 0px;

text-align: left;

align: left;


But nothing seems to work

it is here...  in the footer to the right.




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Hello triggerfish


if I understood your issue right...


.section-navi .pl-nav > li > a {
    line-height: 50px;
    opacity: 0.7;
    padding: 0 13px;


you will need to change the padding from 13px to 0px


.section-navi .pl-nav > li > a {
    line-height: 50px;
    opacity: 0.7;
    padding: 0 0px;


it's best to do it in the style.less file of the section navi on line 79.


If you might have questions, let me know.


Nice greetings, Sii

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Hi thx for that.. but still does not work.

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