WP Content/Loop WP Content/Loop for Two Different Categories; Avatar Image, Updating.

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Three different questions here, the first far more important.


http://rickfrishman.21thirteen.net/category/blog/ and



DMS v 2.1.1
WP 3.9.1

Active Plugins: DMS Professional Tools, Modal PopUp DMS (not being used currently), PageLines Updater, Sidebar Manager Light, 

Types - Complete Solution for Custom Fields and Types (can't say I quite understand how to use this and am not currently using it)


Godaddy Linux w/ Cpanel


1) The category "/press" was created starting with the default Blog template, with PageHeader, Sidebar and . I added WP Content/Loop. (This is the first time I've tried this in DMS2). I added 2 columns and used two Media Boxes between the PageHeader and the WP Content/Loop.


I then created a second category called Blog. I don't want the two Media Boxes here. No matter what I do, unlock  the template, save as a new template, don't use a template, any change I make to one category page is reflected in the other. I also don't want the PageHeader to say what it does - I just want it to say Press Room, and Blog. I'm afraid, at this point to remove the PageHeader and replace it with a Highlight section. How can you make two different category pages and have different sections on them without having the changes reflected in the other category page.


2) How/where do you upload an image to replace the default "avatar" image for the Author Info for each post?


3) I had an error when doing the update to the uploaded version of DMS. I later tried again and got the version to update (I think! at least it's now telling me that all my thems, plugins and WP versions are up to date but this message: "An automated WordPress update has failed to complete - please attempt the update again now." will not go away!


Thanks in advance for your help.


Perry Yeldham

21Thirteen design, Inc.



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1) go to the category page you want to change (front end), in the DMS options, go to Page Setup, then click on the Page Handling tab, then change it from Type to Local. Save, and then you should be able to make changes to just that page without it affecting your other category pages.


2) options are under wp-admin -> Settings -> Discussion. scroll down to "Avatars."


3) dunno.

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MrFent - I'm sorry I never got back to you on this - the project got delayed by the client and is now revived and completed. Just wanted to say thank you for the information, it worked, and it cleared up a confusion I had on the use of DMS.



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MrFent - Thanks for helping!


21thirteen - In regards to number three, that is related to WordPress and/or your host. Therefore, you will need to ask this question to both the WordPress support forum and your web host provider.

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OK, thanks, Danny.

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No problem.

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