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Best approach for integrating with a service that needs specific version of jQuery?

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Hi there,


I'm working with a developer on an integration between my DMS2-based site and a 3rd party service that needs to use an older version of jQuery for some important transactional elements.  


We initially tried to create a custom page template in our child theme (as per http://forum.pagelin...page-templates/), with the thought that we could un-enqueue jQuery (and other things that don't work) in our new template.


However, the page template is not selectable in the DMS Page Setup box.  We are using the skeleton-basic child theme.


This particular page doesn't need to do any drag and drop editing - but we do want the header, menu, and other elements on our site. The transactional element is inserted in the page using a shortcode, after the page content.


I want to be able to create several instances of this page, which is why we thought a page template would be the easiest way to accomplish this.  An alternative would be to unhook the jquery  in functions.php using a custom field, but this would be a lot more work than just a page template.


Do you have some other suggestions?


Summary of our setup:


Theme:  Skeleton-basic child theme and DMS2

Hosting: LAMP stack at LiquidWeb

Website: eml.techliminal.com





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Including an older version of jQuery will break a lot of things in DMS, not just the editor but just about every section uses jQuery to some degree.

You wont be able to de-queue the WordPress version of jQuery using a template anyway. You will almost certainly need some PHP in a functions file somewhere to do it.


What version of jQuery does your custom script need? Have you tried it with the regular up to date version bundled with WordPress?

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