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Too much space between header image/slider and Simple Nav beneath

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Hi There,


Just started delving into DMS2 (free). At the very top of my site, I placed a media box with my logo on the top left, and next to this I put a slider. Below, at full width, I inserted my nav bar (simple nav), and there seems to e a lot of space between the logo/slider and nav bar below...  I couldn't figure out how to change this. Can someone help?


Additionally: How do I align my slider text to the RIGHT (on framework, there was this option, but I don't see it on DMS), and: how do I get rid of the two little arrows on the slider? (again, Framework had a similar option, but I don't see it on DMS). I also don't want the huge gray rectangle on the slider over which the text lays....  if there is a way to rid this. 



Website: Bigislandmusictherapy.com

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Firstly, please refrain from adding multiple questions to your topic, our forum policy only allows one question per topic for search indexing reasons.


1. As far as I can tell, you have used the Force to row option under the Slider somehow and the same for the MediaBox housing your logo image. If you remove those, it should reduce your gap.


2. Add the following to your custom CSS, this will align the text to the right.


#site .flex-caption {
text-align: right;

Please search our forums, before posting!

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