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Move Entire Page Canvas Down

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We have bought the theme Flatten which is installed on :http://military-jobboard.com/  When you view the link you will notice a gap on the top of the page and you can see the camo background.


I would like to get that same affect here on this site not using that theme: http://www.ehshospitality.com/rmjobs/  But everytime I try to push it down i get whatever pixels I push it down with white added to the top?


How can I get this affect with DMS 2.0 theme?






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The reason for that is on the site using Flatten it has margin-top 30px !important assigned to the boxed mode class and also you have added the background image to the body class. Where as on the other site, it has the background image assigned to the site class. To resolve your issue, you will simply need to do as you have done on the flatten theme and add your background image to the body class and then use margin-top on the boxed class.

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