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Excluded Categories still show up

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Dear Ellen,


I am not sure if it is a mistake or misunderstanding on my side or if something is going wrong: Filtering is working great, as ever. But I am using it on two different pages of my site, and would like to display different posts. That is no problem, of course, the different posts have different categories which I can include or exclude through the Editor.  But as soon as I use Tags for the taxonomy it overrides the exclusion of Categories. My are ordered into two categories - one is for librarians, the other for activities - but both are tagged with the library where they work/take place). Is there something I could do differently? Or is it just not possible to have a taxonomy based on Tags but exclude entire Categories?

Thank you for your care. Yours gratefully, Jan.



P.S.: Here are both instances of Filtering, in case it is useful to illustrate my predicament:



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caspersjan Unfortunately Filtering deals with including/excluding either categories or tags, whichever you have selected for your taxonomy. You can't have the taxonomy post_tags and then try to exclude categories. That would be a custom query. If you are interested in customizing Filtering with that query send me a private message.


If I'm not understanding the problem correctly, please let me know.





Ellen Moore

Pagelines Developer

www.elsue.com www.betterdms.com

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